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Isn’t this a wonder?!
Can you imagine yourself with us?

Imagine an International Institute with a dream and a mission: cooperate with God in the transformation of the world so that all may have life!

It’s us, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary! Women weavers of hope who feel called to be community, to know and celebrate God's love for us and to make that love known to others.

Mary is our model!

Like her, we are women of prayer who seek to be open to the Spirit, centring our lives on Jesus Christ and giving authentic and joyful witness of Gospel values.

In our DNA we have the spirit of faith and zeal that marked our founders, Father Jean Gailhac and Mère St. Jean.

Like them, we insert ourselves into the realities of the Church and the world, in an attitude of openness to the signs of the times, in creative fidelity and collaboration with others.

Present in 14 countries, we are sent to promote the life and dignity of all our brothers and sisters, and we put ourselves and our resources at the service of those who are most in need of justice, making the weak, the neediest, the marginalized, the voiceless, able to work effectively for their own development and liberation.

Isn’t this a wonder?!

Can you imagine yourself with us?